Opes manufacturing mindset is quality first and quantity second. We work to the most complex of customer requirements.

Our manufacturing facility meets stringent WHO-GMP and regulated market norms including USA and EU countries. With an unwavering commitment to quality, Opes’s Quality Policy covers the entire gamut of our operations, from using the best raw materials to strict control at every stage of manufacturing and packaging.


  • No wood or asbestos component.
  • Each zone with separate AHUs (Air Handling Units), dehumidification unit and dust extraction systems.
  • Segregation of every critical processing activity in each zone, to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Air environment conditioned in each area with respect to temperature, humidity, filtration, particle counts, etc.
  • Duo Pass Reverse Osmosis (RO) water system/ de-mineralization plant.
  • Zero-discharge Effluent Treatment Plant.
  • Air-conditioned stores for raw material, packing material and finished good.
  • Isolated and dedicated production facilities for β-Lactum and Cephalosporin dosage forms.
  • The complex also houses its own R&D facility for in house product development.
  • Dispensing of materials under an SS reverse laminar flow.
  • Individual compression and coating cabins with separate air handling units to avoid cross contamination.
  • Alternative power generation system for uninterrupted production.
  • A unidirectional flow of men and materials to promote optimum productivity
  • Accessibility of all utilities and maintenance areas from outside, for additional ease of operation.
  • Ample segregated storage for raw materials and packaging materials, with a quarantine facility.
  • Separate air handling units for every production departments, in addition to air conditioning with 3 micron filtration to ensure absolute product purity.
  • We house huge capacities for manufacturing round the clock (* Spare capacity available for all sections).


  • Packaging is a critical element in any pharmaceutical product. The packaging of products have to take into account multiple variables from transit to weather & time. Our approach to quality covers every aspect of packaging ensuring that our products maintain their safety, reliability, stability & integrity long after they have left our production line. Our use of packaging materials and application of processes conform to all relevant international standards, with regard to a host of critical parameters, such as:
    • Medical grade, non-toxic materials.
    • Compliance with all regulatory norms.
  • Excellent oxygen and moisture barrier properties
  • Consistency in High Quality
  • Printed shipper available on request
  • Our in-house design team ensures that every pack that we create bears the hallmarks of contemporary, classy styling. We take care of the twin aspects of aesthetics & clarity that are vital to pharma packaging. We also pay significant attention to storage requirements with separate reserved areas for various packaging materials such as aluminum and PVC foils and ensure that they are stored always at optimum temperatures

Manufacturing System

  • State-of-the-art facilities, which adhere to stringent specifications of GMP. WHO-GMP and regulated market norms including USA and EU countries.
  • Production fully computerized system for production with online controls and inventory, highly qualified and trained staff for production management and use of ERP for entire operations management.
  • Capabilities to produce dosage forms, covering all therapeutic segments, except small and large volume parenteral.
  • Isolated and dedicated production facilities for β-Lactum.
  • Qualified and experienced technical team in the areas of Manufacturing, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Product Development for all range of products.

Contract Manufacturing Alliance

  • We offer Contract Manufacturing of all dosage forms.
  • Depending on needs of our valued clients, our services include purchasing of raw materials, production, packaging and quality control.
  • Through this flexible approach, we are able to integrate perfectly into supply. Monitor and optimize the timeliness of our delivery and keep it up to our customer’s full satisfaction.
  • Our expertise in the pharmaceutical industry has been augmented through our production capabilities, highly qualified production & quality control staff. With highly integrated production facilities comes the capability to manage a flexible production line. This empowers us with the capability to undertake contract manufacturing projects.
  • As a privately-owned and fully independent pharmaceutical formulation company, we offer flexible terms of trade with individual attention to each customer. We solve the challenges of working with an extended design chain so as to facilitate a productive & profitable outsourcing partnership for our customers.
  • We capture and process all the product definitions provided by customer’s information through a secure online environment that makes a convenient setting for sharing information. Secure and easy, this system allows for customers to easily share information internally. Also, we invite partners and suppliers to view work with information-with as many access barriers as they choose to keep.